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Aieman Passed his drive test at Heatherton Vicroads

Big congratulations to Aieman for getting his license today at Heatherton Vicroads.

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driving school Heatherton

Aieman passed the following components to pass the drive test in Heatherton with Vicroads Heatherton:

Pre-drive check:

  1. Aieman Identified and operated the following vehicle controls:
    • indicators
    • windscreen washer and wipers
    • horn
    • headlights (high and low beam)
    • hazard lights
    • brake lights.
  2. Identified the handbrake.
  3. Identified the following vehicle controls:
    • windscreen demister
    • rear window demister (where fitted).
  4. Start the engine.


On-road driving – stage one:

  • starting and stopping the vehicle
  • left and right turns at intersections
  • changing lanes.

Stage one also included a low speed parking process. The testing officer instructed Aieman to complete one of the following:

  • reverse park


On-road driving – stage two:

  • driving in busy traffic
  • changing lanes
  • merging with other traffic
  • driving on straight and curved roads.

The Stage two took about 20 minutes to complete.

Drive test results:

After Aieman have completed the drive test, the licence testing officer gave her feedback and advise him that Aieman was successful.

The following feedback was given:

Aieman consistently demonstrated the following safe driving behaviours while driving in different traffic conditions:

  • Observation – Aieman was aware of other road users and road conditions at all times, using head checks and mirrors as well as looking ahead of your car and observing behind Aieman’s car when demonstrating low speed manoeuvres
  • Signal use – Aieman communicated to other road users by using your signals correctly
  • Gap selection – Aieman choose the first safe gap when moving into traffic
  • Speed choice – Aieman was always drive under the speed limit but not too slowly
  • Following distance – Aieman always left a safe distance in front of the car
  • Lateral position – Aieman choose the safest lane to drive in, steer a smooth path, and always stay within your own lane
  • Stop Position – Aieman stopped the car fully in the correct position when at Stop signs, traffic signals, and pedestrian crossings
  • control – Aieman was in full control of the car at all times and can drive smoothly


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We Come To You
We Cover Most Southeastern Suburbs
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