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Vic Roads Carlton Customer Service Centre Address:

459 Lygon St,
Carlton VIC 3053
Working Hours: 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday

Driving Test for overseas drivers: It is important to get your overseas drivers licenses verified. Before attempting to book a practical drive test you need to first pass VIC learners test and VIC Hazard Perception test.

Driving Test for Learners drivers over the age of 21 years: Once you passed your learners test it is important to take a learner permit to start driving classes in Carlton. It is not mandatory requirement for learners’ drivers to complete 120 hours of logbook training. But it, recommended to hire a driving school in Carlton for atleast 20 to 30 hours and learn with a professional instructor who can teach you to become a good driver.

Driving test for learners under the age of 21 or below: It is important to read and practice the rules book. You can download the learners test rule book VIC also called as Road to Solo Driving Handbook from here: . Once you have read the book, pass a learner’s test, once you have passed learners test apply for Learner’s permit. With Learner’s Permit you can practice driving with a supervised qualified driver and an L Board. You need to complete 120 hours of logbook training. This Logbook will be verified before the start of your driver’s test by driving examiner in VicRoads Carlton.

Tip: Take photographs of your logbook’s pages regularly so you have a backup, many a learner has lost their book and had to start all over again.

On The day of Driving Test at VicRoads Carlton – What to expect on the day

With our driving school we normally ask the student to come 90 minutes before the driving test timing and we take you out for a driving lesson covering one to two of the official test routes. But there is no guarantee that the examiner will take you through the same route. But our lesson will give the students required confidence and practice to pass.

Driving test is divided into 2 parts:

1. a pre-drive check

2. on-road driving: This is further divided into 2 stages.

2(a). On-road driving – stage one

2(b). On-road driving – stage two

How long does a VicRoads driving test go for?

A total of 35 to 45 minutes is the involved during a drive test at VicRoads Carlton

1. a pre-drive check – 5 minutes.

2. on-road driving: This is further divided into 2 stages.

2(a). On-road driving – stage one – 10 minutes

2(b). On-road driving – stage two – 20 minutes

Trick to passing it in one go: How can I pass my driving test?

The drive test Carlton is very systematically designed and the driving examiner will reduce your marks based on the VicRoads drive test checklist. So, the best tip or trick to pass the driving test is to make sure you do not lose any point or very less points. Our driving instructors in Carlton knows how to make you pass the driving test in first attempt, we have a track record of 100% pass rate. They will teach you exactly how not to lose points and follow the checklist 100%. A driving examiner is always comfortable with a driving school car because they know that the car is safe, regularly maintained, the learner who is giving the test has been trained in Carlton and it has a dual pedal.

VicRoads Carlton drive test routes/ VicRoads Carlton driving test – How can I pass my driving test?

Step 1: Parking in Vicroads:

Vicroads office in Carlton have designated parking spots for cars on test. You should reverse the car into one of these spots so that when you start your test you can simply drive straight out. Don’t forget if you need to turn out of the spot you must indicate to leave the parking spot.

Step 2: Paper Verification: Once you park the car, in the designated parking spot. Go to the office, take a ticket and show your paperwork. The driving examiner will come in 5 minutes once you present yourself for the appointment. This is the time when you start the car, turn on the brake lights and be ready for the drive test.

Vicroads testing officer will do your paper work, take your learner’s permit from you and keep it while your on test. they will check all your details, name, address that sort of thing.

Common Logbook errors:

Name and learners number at the top of every used page NOT filled in.
Supervising driver page not filled out.
Supervising driver signatures not the same as their signature at the front of the logbook .
Pages missing. The pages has to be filled in sequential order. Else, you loose the chance to give your test.
Tip. Take photographs of your logbook’s pages regularly so you have a backup, many a learner has lost their book and had to start all over again.

Step 3: Pre-drive check:

As soon as the paper verification is completed, the driving examiner will request you to go and wait in the car. This is the right time to get your car started, turn on the parking lights and make sure the “Buzzer” is active on brake pedal. The examiner in VicRoads Carlton before getting into car will inspect the car. Also, it is very important to turn off the mobile devices.

The following in-car devices must be turned off during the drive test:

speed warning devices
cruise control
any form of audio and/or visual recording equipment (this does not include an alcohol interlock device fitted to the vehicle).
The following are the instructions the examiner will instruct you to:

1. Identify and operate the following vehicle controls:

windscreen washer and wipers
headlights (high and low beam)
hazard lights
brake lights

2. Identify the handbrake.

3. Identify but not operate the following vehicle controls:

windscreen demister
rear window demister (where fitted).
4. Start the engine.

Here some of the learner drivers fail because they were using their own car and they must have forgotten to get the car checked up by a qualified mechanic. Driving school in Carlton cars are always meeting this requirements.

If you are unable to identify or complete point 1 and 2 the examiner will cancel the test or you will not be permitted to take the drive test.

For point 3, if you are unable to identify it, then the examiner will show you, it is important for you to remember it as it might be required to use it during the driving test and if you fail to point it out or implement it then you will be failed.

This is almost 5 minutes task, simple task but very important task. This is one of the main reasons to hire a driving school car rather than using your own car. Driving school cars are regularly maintained and serviced. Their cars meet the driving test criteria

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