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Transformers Driving School provides quality driving lessons in Melbourne:

60 MIN Lesson
BASIC PACKAGE Automatic Car Prices/packages
  • 1 60 min Lesson $50 – PrePaid
  • 1 60 min Lesson $55 – Postpaid
  • Drive Test only – $140
60MIN Lesson
UPGRADE PACKAGE Manual Driving Lessons
  • 1 60 min Lesson $60 – Prepaid
  • 1 60 min Lesson $65 – Postpaid
  • Drive Test only $150

Transformers Driving School offers driving lessons throughout Melbourne, 7 days a week. Take your lessons at the place and time of your choice. You can choose between manual or automatic lessons. The duration of the driving lessons is flexible. You can make 45, 60 or 90 minutes. You can also choose your instructor’s gender for your driving lessons in Melbourne. If you are a complete beginner, your driving lessons in Melbourne will begin at your home address. After your instructor has thoroughly explained the most important controls of the car – their functions and how to operate them – your lesson begins.The first practical guide will be in a straight line. If you drive in a straight line during your driving lessons in Melbourne, you will begin to sharpen your observation, judgment and treatment skills. You will also learn how to interpret and follow road signs. All the skills you gain during your driving lessons in Melbourne will bring you closer to passing your test.

Intensive driving lessons in Melbourne

Are you in a hurry to get your license for your Victorian trial period?  Sign up for our intensive driving lessons in Melbourne. The TDS training allow you to take your driving test in no time.

Transformers Driving School will assign a Melbourne driving instructor who will give you daily driving lessons.  Your driving lessons in Melbourne will be instructive and fun, because all our instructors are very experienced, friendly and relaxing.

Why use the Transformers Driving School for driving lessons in Melbourne?

  • We have automatic and manual cars.
  • Our cars are new, clean and equipped with a double pedal for your safety.
  • You can choose to do your lessons by car.
  • Intensive courses are available to get your license as soon as possible.
  • We are sure that you will pass your test for the first time.
  • We teach at all levels, including beginners and refresher courses.
  • Student discounts are available.
  • All our courses are tailored to the needs of the student.

Quality Driving Lessons

The Transformers Driving School offers the best driving lessons in Melbourne the city has to offer. Our curricula are designed for you and meet your needs from the very first lesson. Our competitive pricing and experienced instructors allow you to get the best from our driving lessons. Driving lessons in Melbourne are designed for all students, regardless of their level. We also offer refresher courses to deepen these core competencies. All our driving lessons in Melbourne are carefully planned and structured according to the level of your experience. As a local driving school in Melbourne, we have a team of instructors based in all the suburbs of the city.Transformers Driving School offers driving lessons at any time from 7 am to 9 pm. Driving lessons can be given at weekends and on public holidays. As a bonus, we will not charge any extra costs for driving lessons after hours or at weekends.

How do I contact Transformers Driving School for driving lessons in Melbourne?

Call our local number 0404119119 to inquire about our driving lessons or Book your driving lessons online today.

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