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Our Driving School Promise: You will become safe driver & Pass your Driving Test in Melbourne with our driving lessons

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Below you will find our most popular Driving Lessons packages

60 MIN Lesson
BASIC PACKAGE Automatic Car Prices/packages
  • 1 60 min Lesson $50 – PrePaid
  • 1 60 min Lesson $55 – Postpaid
  • Drive Test only – $140
60MIN Lesson
UPGRADE PACKAGE Manual Driving Lessons
  • 1 60 min Lesson $60 – Prepaid
  • 1 60 min Lesson $65 – Postpaid
  • Drive Test only $150

Why Choose Us?

We understand that learning to drive isn’t cheap, many driving schools will take advantage of this and charge you a larger sum than necessary; not us.

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We Come To You
We Cover Most Southeastern Suburbs
Pickups From Home or VicRoads


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Driving Lessons for Everyone in Melbourne

Comprehensive Lessons on Driving

Learning should fun and we stand by that motto. Keeping in mind precisely the learning curve and the practice hours to reach perfection, our course in driving lessons is a total of 120 hours. The complete driving course will not only help you gain the necessary skills for passing the driving test but it will also enable you to completely train yourself in driving a vehicle.

Over a duration of 120 hours, you will be constantly trained, educated and tested in each and every avenue of driving. From learning various driving rules to practice lessons on certain driver moments, the driving lessons are completely focused on teaching you the necessities of careful driving and how it can impact you and others around you.

driving lessons Melbourne
Imparted Learning

We understand the need of some people to join a driving school for the sake of passing the driving test and our instructors are well versed with some of the common mistakes which can cost you the test. During the lessons, our trainers observe, monitor and track your progress in real-time.

The instructors often suggest crucial tips, pivotal techniques, and improvement pointers in order to help you clear the test.

Post the completion of lessons our trainers also impart some last minute advice and suggestions to help improve your driving skills even more for absolute success.

Preparation for Immediate Driving Test

In case of emergency driver tests, we offer class packages for students who have already booked for a driving test that is coming up immediately. Our driving lessons package includes one lesson with driving test and car for such students. We identify the need to immediately get a driving license and hence, are prepared to offer lessons which can get through in the nick of the time.

The lesson is consolidated with rapid learning in terms of the driving lesson and a quick demo to make you understand how to apply the theory in practice. In order to ensure the success of the student, we also throw in one driving test to judge the ability of the student and suggest pointers to improve their skills if need be.

Refresher Lesson for Overseas Drivers

Our major offering is that our driving lessons are available for everyone; locals and overseas people alike. In order to specifically cater to the needs of the drivers coming from overseas, we feature refresher lessons for them.

These lessons are curated by our team of professional experts to help you get more of a refresher course in driving. We understand that you know the basics of driving and see to it that the course helps you remind only the essentials to consider when driving in another country. Also, the major differences between driving in your country and Australia are highlighted to help you understand what is it that you must do differently.

Intensive Learning

Another major highlight of the driving course we offer is intensive learning. We make it a point to intensively train people who want to clear their driving tests in a short span. In such cases, we often tutor people by taking few driving lessons such 3-4 sessions per class and center the learning around rules, safety precautions and mindful methods of driving rather than practice.

Manual Driving Lessons

People often apply for a driving test considering to become a tradie. Identifying the need to train such individuals, our driving school considers teaching not only rules and regulations but also parking maneuvers, driving cars with manual transmissions, lessons on how to drive trucks and carriers and many more.

Automatic Driving Lessons

With the advent of technology, cars have now become sporting automatic transmissions, especially some high-end models and brands. At our driving schools, our lessons revolve around how to drive cars with manual as well as automatic transmission. Our school features a myriad of cars sporting both manual and automatic gearbox so as to give our students a complete feel depending on the type of car they are willing to drive.

Why Us?

driving school
Dual Control Cars

The best thing we have to offer is hands-on driving practice on any type of car you want. Our driving schools consist of manual and automatic cars which help you gauge the best type of car you are suitable to drive. Moreover, we also have a plethora of cars when it comes to driving thus, providing an assorted variety for you to choose from.

highlights of our lessons at the driving schools there are some other reasons why you should choose us to begin your journey with. Here are some of the key benefits you will enjoy on partnering with us.

Availability of Instructors all over Melbourne : 24/7

Another major benefit of choosing us is that we have instructors who are available 24×7 in case of any doubts or advice. Apart from the full-time availability of our instructors, our trainers belong to both male and female gender to keep in check your comfort zone. Furthermore, our instructors are mostly locals and might be your neighbours or may live in your vicinity only.

Another added incentive you get is that our trainers are also available on weekends and after hours of your lessons. They are completely dedicated towards your growth and improvement.

Observation and Monitoring: This is our duty

Our driving instructors and trainers are experienced veteran when it comes to training to students. The cars owned by our trainers are insured for students and is fitted with dual pedals in case of emergencies. Our instructors are completely focused on the road and your driving skills keeping in check if anything goes wrong slightly. They are always observing and monitoring not only your driving skills and driving decisions but also the roads without losing their calm or patience.Moreover, since they have experience with training a number of students their responses are focused on the road as well as pointers to help you improve in certain areas that you lack so as to make you clear the driving test. Our driving instructors in Melbourne create the exact same conditions as your driving test to give you a complete idea about the test and examine your progress and driving in a similar fashion to the Vic Roads examiners.

How are We Different?

Ex-Vic Roads Examiner

The owner of our driving school is an ex-Vic Roads examiner. Hence, all our instructors and trainers are experienced in determining your driving abilities in a manner same as the Vic Roads examiner. Meaning, our instructors judge your driving skills as if you were appearing for your driving test; something which is crucial and important. In simpler terms, you are assessed on almost the same basis as you will be assessed in your driving test.

Quality teaching is our prime motto and there is no denying the fact that we do everything that is needed to make you clear the driving test at Vic Roads in all Melbourne and Victorian suburbs. However, what is it that we do differently when compared to our competition and how does it affect you.

driving school Melbourne
Dedicated Pointers with custom video of your driving.

Our team of dedicated professionals closely monitors and observes every decision you make while driving. Owing to our comprehensive observations we identify areas of improvement for you and help you overcome your weaknesses. Furthermore, the instructors even mentor on you on the mistakes you made and are viable to make with one-on-one discussions about how to avoid them with exact pointers and tips. We also record a custom video of your driving which clearly specifies the mistakes you have made with examples. You can play this video as many times before the next lessons.

Online Resources

One thing you must realize is that passing the driving test is not only about driving but also about learning the safety rules, parking rules, driving rules and other stuff. It is imperative to identify such signs and adjust your driving by considering all such rules. Hence, we provide online resources such as ebooks, interactive quizzes and video lessons to help you understand the necessary driving rules so that you don’t face any challenge during your driving test.

Process of our Driving Lessons

driving school process
FAQs regarding Driving Test

There are a lot many things about the driving test which you might not be aware of. To help you clear your driving tests, we give you detailed information about various processed involved with your driving test. Right from registration to charges and from your score to which office to apply, we will help you with everything. Any FAQs you have with regards to the driving test will be happily answered by our driving school.

task and we understand all the questions one might have towards the tenure, charges, process, curriculum and other factors when you enroll. Keeping the same in mind, whenever you begin your driving school in Melbourne we give you’re a brief overview of all the processes that will be taking up your driving lessons in Melbourne. We help you understand the basic principles of driving and how will your driving lessons take place and also consider your opinions and inputs regarding the type of car you would like to drive.

    Driving Test Application

    We understand that the end to your learning journey is once you clear your driving test and therefore, we help you not only to register for your driving test but also with making it our utmost priority that you pass the driving test.

    In the end, we promise to do whatever it takes to help you clear your driving test by putting all our resources and instructors at their best. All the efforts of our driving school are dedicated towards your progress and success and nothing would give us immense pleasure than to see you pass your driving test with flying colours.

    Meet our driving school Melbourne students


    Congratulations on passing your drive test at VicRoads Pakenham on the first attempt with Transformers Driving School Pakenham


    Congratulations on passing your drive test at VicRoads Frankston on the first attempt at Transformers Driving School in Frankston


    Congratulations on passing your drive test at VicRoads Frankston on the first attempt with Transformers Driving School in Frankston


    Amazing drive, confident and ready to get that license in a very short time.
    Bug congratulations to Nicole for passing her drive test at VicRoads Warragul with Transformers Driving School Melbourne. 
    Well done and drive safely.


    What an amazing drive by scoring 100%. Big congratulations to Elise for passing her drive test at #vicroads #Dandenong with Transformers Driving School in Dandenong. We teach train and test you before you go for your drive test. Best driving school in Melbourne.


    Woohoo, another success story to be told. Big congratulations to Callum for the amazing drive and passing his drive test with confidence at Mooroolbark VicRoads with Transformers Driving School in Mooroolbark, Melbourne.
    Well done and drive safely.

    Meet our Manual and Automatic driving instructors in Melbourne

    driving-instructor-2 (1)
    Driving Instructor and Owner of Driving School Melbourne

    I am Sol have been a driving instructor for 6 years, he has completed masters degree in Law & Economics. His area of work in complete Melbourne area concentrating on Frankston, Dandenong, Mooroolbark,  Cranbourne, Mornington, Dromana and Pakenham areas.

    Driving Instructor Melbourne, Frankston, Pakenham, Dandenong, Cranbourne and surrounding suburbs

    Most believe that drive test is really hard, I will make that easy for you. Your Success, Our Pride, Students Who Successfully Passed Their Drive Test With Transformers Driving School in Melbourne

      Driving School Melbourne

      Sitting on a driving seat is the most wonderful experience. Here in Melbourne Driving School you can feel that I can deal with a vehicle even you don’t have a clue how to drive a vehicle. Yet, the driving experience is much more fun than simply sitting on the seat. You can confide in us with our certified teachers with their numerous long stretches of involvement with this calling.

      Here at Melbourne driving school there are accomplished teacher assumes a significant job in your excursion to figure out how to drive a vehicle or become a specialist in driving a vehicle. the great educator consistently shares their numerous long stretches of involvement with driving and guide all of you the route until you become a driver and breeze through a driving assessment. We can offer you the best teachers ever in Melbourne.

      Unique Offerings by Melbourne Driving School

      We don’t just bunny for standing out enough to be noticed, however we are additionally here to convey something to you and make your time significant with us. We can offer numerous characteristics that you probably won’t be found anyplace else. Here are some of them: –

      1. One Step forward: – With our astonishing instructor, you can figure out how to drive a vehicle with essential follow a book maker, they likewise have someone of a kind ability and discover strategies for each understudy to make an ideal driver. They realize how to step forward. Some time by the book rules don’t prove to be useful, in this circumstance our remarkable and gifted educators done great employment.


      1. Customizable: – With our instructors, you never get a solitary and straight forward learning experience. they generally help you with any sort of driving techniques to make you agreeable and ease. One great instructor changes over each exercise into a pleasant involvement in an important learning experience.


      1. Interchanges aptitudes: – A great educator needs to have the abilities to change their guidelines or idea as per the student’s advantages and necessities. With great relational abilities, each sort of understudy can without much of a stretch be taken care of. With great correspondence, an understudy never got apprehensive or feel dread while asking any inquiries.


      1. We are companions: – With our agreeable instructors, you can have a sense of security and agreeable while learning the most important exercise of your life. furthermore, they are extremely intelligent with each understudy and exceptionally supportive to their understudies.


      1. Tolerance: – For any educator persistence is the key, understudies commit errors as far as they can tell. a decent teacher can tell their mix-ups and convert it into a learning experience, with this understudy can always remember this sort of experience.

      Melbourne Driving School to make the best and safe driver ever

      With having that sort of talented and experienced educator, we are trusting now you are prepared to step through an exam drive here in Melbourne, join the network of best driving school to make your experience progressively mysterious while learning.

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