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Our Driving School Promise: You will become safe driver & Pass your Driving Test in Pakenham with our driving lessons

Our Driving School Melbourne Prices Calculator

Below you will find our three most popular packages

60 MIN Lesson
BASIC PACKAGE Automatic Car Prices/packages
  • 1 60 min Lesson $50 – PrePaid
  • 1 60 min Lesson $55 – Postpaid
  • Drive Test only – $140
60MIN Lesson
UPGRADE PACKAGE Manual Driving Lessons
  • 1 60 min Lesson $60 – Prepaid
  • 1 60 min Lesson $65 – Postpaid
  • Drive Test only $150

Why Choose Us?

We understand that learning to drive isn’t cheap, many driving schools will take advantage of this and charge you a larger sum than necessary; not us.

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We Come To You
We Cover Most Southeastern Suburbs
Pickups From Home or VicRoads


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Our Driving Lessons in Pakenham

Learners (L to P) to Probationary License Driving Lessons

For Learners Who Are Completing Their 120 Hours of Supervised Driving (L TO P driving lessons). Plus help you clear driving test. We have a driving car (Toyota CORROLA) to train you. Become a Safe P Plater. We normally charge $60 per hour for a driving lesson. We have bulk packages. Ask us for bulk classes discount. In these classes, we will train you in different driving routes, road conditions and different timing. As, it is important for learners to drive during the night times, daytimes, peak times, tough roads conditions, while its raining, when the roads are slippery etc. These classes will make you a better and confident driver.

Driving Lessons for Overseas Drivers and License Holders

For Overseas License Holder Who Wish To Learn Road Rules And Defensive Driving. We have manual and automatic driving packages with few driving classes and drive test. The most popular package is three 60 minutes lessons plus drive test for $295 (3 Lessons & A Test $295). Three to Four classes would be sufficient for overseas drivers, we teach you through the official driving routes all over Melbourne, we explain you the checklist a driving examiner would be measuring and our driving instructor would act as an examiner to provide you pointers to make sure you don’t make those mistakes during your actual test.

Intensive Driving Lesson

This is for drivers who are safe drivers and are confident driving. If you want to clear your driving test with limited time span (if your driving test is coming up in a week or two weeks) then this is the right package for you. Our suggestion would be “three 60 minutes lessons plus drive test for $295 (3 Lessons & A Test $295)”. Three to Four classes would be sufficient as a refresher, we teach you through the official driving routes in all Melbourne, explain you the checklist a driving examiner would be looking out for and act as an examiner to provide you pointers to avoid mistakes.

Emergency Driving Lessons – Suitable for drivers who has driving test in 2 to 3 days

There are not many experienced manual and automatic driving instructors available with a driving car and the few available are fully booked. Our driving instructors are available in each and every suburb so the availability for the manual and automatic instructor is very high. If you have a manual or automatic driving test anywhere in Melbourne coming up in 2 to 3 days and need an emergency driving instructor, then we have a package for you. 1 class for 60 minutes to give you pointers and driving test for  $185(1 Lesson & A Test $185).

A driving school in Pakenham area – You can always depend upon.

Pick up from home or reaching Pakenham:

3-4 Stephenson St, Pakenham VIC 3810

Driving test conducted at VicRoads Pakenham.

It is a busy industrial area, so be aware of traffic from driveways!  This is the only Vic Roads office close to south-eastern suburbs like Noble Park, Springvale, Clayton, Rowville, Narre Warren, Berwick, Cranbourne and nearby suburbsGet lessons on Pakenham’s tricky intersections with the rail-crossings that you may need to drive through/on during the licence test.Get yourself familiar to drive around the “Pakenham Central Marketplace” with lots of pedestrians crossing there!Learn how to drive through the large intersections there along the Princes Highway and C422.You decide based on your circumstances, whether you want to start the lesson from your place or from near VicRoads (address: 3-4

vicroads (1) (1)

Stephenson St, Pakenham VIC 3810, Mel-way Street Directory reference 317 D8). You can get there with the help of PTV journey planner, drive there or our instructor can pickup you from Pakenham train station too!.Driving has its own importance in our day to day life. Driving is a means of independent mobility and reduces our dependence on public transport. Driving makes our lives easier.  It makes us flexible to reach our workplace on time. Easy driving conditions don’t make a skilful driver that’s why we are here. Our organization is the top leading driving school in Pakenham making the skillful drivers for years.

Driving Lessons for Everyone in Pakenham

driving lessons Melbourne
Our mission is to incorporate every necessary value and skill into our drivers that they should definitely have like –
  • All the necessary social etiquettes
  • Knowledge of the risk management
  • Must be aware of every public and the personal safety measures
  • High-quality driving skills
  • Knowledge of the advanced driving techniques
  • Understanding the car’s mechanism
  • Time management skills
  • Awareness about the different rules and the regulations of road’s laws
  • Ability to cope up with all the different weather conditions
  • Drive with comfort, efficiency and the safety
  • Good communication skills act as the basic need for the professional drivers
  • Ability to operate a wide variety of vehicles easily.
  • The roads are full of the idiots, by driving safe you would safeguard yourself from doing any accident but are you safe from the rash driving of other people? In that case, you have to be defensive too. A defensive driver is the one who can avoid crashes and is much responsible to lower the risk of any mishap from behind the wheels only. Drivers are now becoming talented they are engaging themselves in multitasking like talking on the phone while driving; watching TV etc. without realizing the fact that it can lead to the very serious conditions. Here, where we play our role. We incorporate skills that put you in control and can as well control others. The main task to be done on roads is to be very attentive all the time. Inattentive or distracted driving is one of the main causes of the crashes.
  • Our driving school Melbourne has designed the complete syllabus of the driving lessons Pakenham courses with the special emphasis on learners who are willing to learn but still lack with the confidence they require.  There are broadly two types of courses that are running in our driving school Pakenham –Beginner’s course – The beginner’s course is basically for the people who are new to the thing called driving and is very much keen to learn the way we teach.Up gradation course – this course is specially designed for the people who know all the basics of a car and always wanted to upgrade their old driving skills and get excellence in it.

Now, the question arises that,

Why choose us over other driving schools? Why are we the best?

The foremost thing that differentiates us is the fact that we don’t hurry up. Our clients are not just a source of our income but they are our responsibility to turn them responsible too. Our expertise in reaching excellence is what we strive for.

Our well-trained instructors tune our teaching skills with the learner’s learning pace and the ability. The basis of the difficulty of learning driving is different for the different people. Only the early struggle is difficult and the next all you have to do is to follow the instructions carefully. Our professionally skilled driving instructors Pakenham will be there to support you every time you fall as a driver.They are patient enough to understand your needs on the roads and thus make fulfil your every single requirement. The most difficult task while you are in the path of learning driving is

driving school

to learn all the mechanics of a car from the clutch to pedal and then to the other things.There is the wide range of qualities that will make you fall in love with our organization. As, we work with the dream to create the best, safe and the secure drivers. Some of the best and the unique qualities of our organization include the following like the –

Professional and the complete well-trained experienced instructors
  • Fully equipped facilities
  • Possibly low fee structure
  • Best quality lessons
  • Flexible timings
  • Friendly environment

f you are ready to give your feet the wings you deserve. Then, trust and join our organization now for the complete magical future experience.

We serve our clients with the best services at the lowest possible prices. Our dream is to create the best safe and the confident road drivers. Hurry up now and join us because our professional instructors in Pakenham are willing to serve you with the best.

Our instructors believe and work with the motto that is – “the more you keep calm, the better you learn”.

Process of our Driving Lessons

driving school process
Why license is most important to learn driving lessons in Pakenham?

The license acts as a legal permit that allows you to drive motor vehicles on roads. The driving license is also now accepted as the official personal I.D. as it has complete information of your name and the address. Nowadays there are many jobs that require you to learn the skill of the driving and you can apply only with your driving license. Our courses that are aimed at clearing your driving test in the first attempt are made especially for this purpose only. Our company understands the importance of a driving license and thus aims to get it for you.

Some of the tips that need to be followed while you are on the roads include the following aspects like the –
  • Pay attention to all your near-by surroundings
  • You should be in a stronger position to deal with the other’s bad driving.
  • Follow all the traffic rules
  • Avoid the aggressive and the rash driving
  • Keep control of your speed i.e. never go ahead the speed limit
  • Familiarize yourself with all the routes of the area you usually drive in.
  • Don’t feed distractions as it is normal to get distracted by the thing running in your mind or by the activities happening near you or your surroundings

Meet our driving school Melbourne students


Congratulations on passing your drive test at VicRoads Pakenham on the first attempt with Transformers Driving School Pakenham


Congratulations on passing your drive test at VicRoads Frankston on the first attempt at Transformers Driving School in Frankston


Congratulations on passing your drive test at VicRoads Frankston on the first attempt with Transformers Driving School in Frankston


Amazing drive, confident and ready to get that license in a very short time.
Bug congratulations to Nicole for passing her drive test at VicRoads Warragul with Transformers Driving School Melbourne. 
Well done and drive safely.


What an amazing drive by scoring 100%. Big congratulations to Elise for passing her drive test at #vicroads #Dandenong with Transformers Driving School in Dandenong. We teach train and test you before you go for your drive test. Best driving school in Melbourne.


Woohoo, another success story to be told. Big congratulations to Callum for the amazing drive and passing his drive test with confidence at Mooroolbark VicRoads with Transformers Driving School in Mooroolbark, Melbourne.
Well done and drive safely.

Meet our Manual and Automatic driving instructors in Melbourne

driving-instructor-2 (1)
Driving Instructor and Owner of Driving School Melbourne

I am Sol have been a driving instructor for 6 years, he has completed masters degree in Law & Economics. His area of work in complete Melbourne area concentrating on Frankston, Dandenong, Mooroolbark,  Cranbourne, Mornington, Dromana and Pakenham areas.

Driving Instructor Melbourne, Frankston, Pakenham, Dandenong, Cranbourne and surrounding suburbs

Most believe that drive test is really hard, I will make that easy for you. Your Success, Our Pride, Students Who Successfully Passed Their Drive Test With Transformers Driving School in Melbourne

When it comes to driving lessons, the below are the most frequently asked questions:

Study says that to master the driving classes you need at least 45 hours of learning and understanding how cars work; that transitions into around 27 hours of practising free hand. Different driving classes have different parameters of teaching driving – but it’s mostly hourly. This has been given forward by Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency – to be a reliable driver, you need at least 45+27 hours of driving. You can obviously choose to have multiple lessons in one day (say, 1-2 hours a day) or you can distribute it over the week based on your availability. The suggestion would always be to have a very good continuity with this as driving classes need continuous efforts.
For an off road driving and if you begin from the scratch, it makes sense to start from 2 hour coaching in driving – you might want to understand how these cars function and how are they different. But if you are looking to drive within the city, anywhere between 1-1.5 hours of a class is more than enough for you to understand the basics of the car and driving hacks. It all would be based on the teacher. This depends on how much you already know about cars and driving. If you did this a couple of years ago and now are only wishing to revisit the classes, a single hour of revisiting should be more than enough. But if this is completely knew, a single hour might as well be used only for theoretical training.
This completely depends on multiple factors like how novice you are with the whole coaching thing, how many hours you would be spending per day and if you would also want to have the license driving test done via the driving school. But to give an idea of how much this would cost, it costs around $360-$400 for an average of 6 driving lessons with any agency. Different driving schools charge differently based on the type of driving as well (manual or automatic driving). But in Victoria, to break it further down – it should cost you around 1 hour of automatic car driving lesson - $60 / hour. And for about 45 minutes of automatic classes, it is around $50.
Yes, it is very much possible to learn driving in just 1 month. If you are able to spend around 2.5 hour per day to learn properly in both theory and practical standpoint, you will be able to learn the driving of an automatic as well as a manual car in just 30 days. The calculation is based on what the Agency says about 45 hours of driving lessons – But here’s a catch. You will also need to put in extra hours to practice driving as well. The deal is all about how well you practice and pass the test. At the end of all the learning lie your tests – so you’d definitely want to practice thoroughly to pass the test flawlessly.
No, 40 hours of driving lessons would not be enough to make the cut to be a reliable driver in the street. Ideally according to VicRoads 120 hours would be just taken in to learn the basics to the advanced driving skills. The real game would be in practicing this on the grounds / parks / streets that would make you confident. Car driving is mostly about coordination of your muscles with your brain. To be able to drive efficiently on different scenarios – traffic, rains or uneven surfaces; you’d need thorough coordination with a lot of your muscles. That is exactly what the driving test and practice offers.
It depends on how many weeks you have to completion of the test. Ideally, the best practice would be not to give a lot of gap or slack between each driving lesson / class. The reason is very simple – You will lose touch of what was taught in the previous class because of the dynamics of a car and understanding the coordination of different muscles of your body; and you will have to start from the scratch every single time. It’ll be a clogged memory for you as well, so it is always preferred to have regular classes with touch. Having said that, you can always have a weekend class of 2-3 hours as well if you already have touch of driving – see if it suits you.
It all again depends on the trainer, examiner, the type of vehicle you are giving the test for and a lot of other factors. But to average it out, you would be giving a practical driving test for about 40 minutes. They would give you a task (probably making an 8 on a ground or something on the similar lines) and test how well your cognitive abilities function.
It’s not possible to learn driving from the scratch in just a week. Why we say this is because of the responsibility that lies on any driver to begin with. When we are on a road – we are not just responsible for our own lives, but also for others. Having said that, it is very much possible to revisit driving in a week if you already had experience of driving a few years ago; but not from the scratch.
The average cost of driving lesson would be somewhere around $50-60 depending on the hour you choose, the type of vehicle (automatic or manual) and based on how new you are to the course. There would be different packages based on the need.
If you have no experience of driving at all, the basic recommendation would be to have a minimum of 10-11 hours of driving with an instructor. This helps you understand how to function when different situations present themselves in front of you, on a road. Driving is not tricky, but is all a game of correct coordination of our muscles just enough to not be too slow or too fast on the streets. The instructor would let you know exactly where you weak points lie for you to work on, and where your strengths are even in driving.
In all true honesty, there is no minimum number of driving lessons that you can take. It all works solely based on the hours you put in learning driving and also in how far you have come already in learning driving to some extent. To give it a number would be tough a task as it works entirely based on the hours you have already put in. Minimum acceptable right now would be around 40-45 hours of just learning with 22-27 hours of practicing.
It is a preference based choice. You can choose to get your own vehicle if you want to drive the same vehicle – you can learn on the same one too. But if not, we usually always provide instructor cars with controls split equally between the learner and the instructor. This is usually on no extra cost. The driving instructor’s cars are made specially to enable smooth learning with dual controls in cases where the learner is not very confident of letting the whole control onto them.
We do have a package that covers all of what it takes to clear the driving test. This includes picking you up from any chosen location to taking you to the driving test centre. We also drop you off again back to any chosen location. What we also offer in this package is the privilege of giving the test in an instructor’s car which you already are comfortable with (in case you learnt driving lessons on this). This package is an exclusive one bolt-on the original driving classes.
Yes, you can get the bonus logbook hours for sure if you have enrolled yourself for the primary driving classes. The logbook lets you calculate 3 hours of driving experience in your logbook for every 180 min of extensive driving class taken. There are certain rules here as well when you log the driving classes. If you are taking the driving classes in the night time, only 1 hour of the night will be recorded in the logbook and 2 hours would have to be in the daytime. The rules of the logbook will be explained personally as even this is personalized based on cases.
We have our instructors and centres spread out to multiple locations all over Victoria and almost every suburb in Melbourne. If you hit search on one single area and there are no results that are fetching up, it simply means that no instructors are available at the moment in that area. You could either wait for a day or two, or you can also enter an alternative location nearby which would be convenient to you. This is all based on the traffic we get per day for learning driving on our website – hence the variation. Nevertheless, you can also call us up and verify if you think there might be any glitch in showing any results.
If you believe you know enough of driving already to not take the entire class again, here’s good news for you – you can definitely take the refresher driving class to refresh your memory about how to go about driving in busy traffic days. There are many drivers who were pretty good at driving a couple of years ago but lost touch of driving altogether. If you think you are one of them, you can definitely enrol yourself just for the refresher’s course and jog your memory up on how to start driving up again in different scenarios.
Like it’s for every teacher and a child, we completely understand the fact that you would need an absolutely flawless rapport with your instructor to even start to enjoy the driving class journey. So yes, you can always change instructor if you think you do not share any sort of rapport to enjoy the sessions and to practice stress-free. All you have to do is to let the admin know that you would want to change the instructor. There’s an option in the dashboard that goes by the name ‘Find another Instructor’ that will allow you to map yourself to another instructor in the same area.
There are more and more automatic transmission vehicles coming up in the market that is now replacing the manual ones. Having said that, we do understand that manual transmissions are a part of our roads still. So you can definitely avail the program that will let you learn driving on a manual transmission type.
The first day of the car driving class would solely focus on theory and practical lesson with more control from instructor. Do not expect to dive straight in and take control in the driver’s seat. We will provide you resources of Vicroads official driving rule book. We would spend ample amount of time in making sure you are aware of the terminologies and how to go about them in real life usage as well. We will also talk about the major functions of all these controls, parts of the car (not too in=depth), just as much you’d need to drive efficiently.
If you give enough time in practicing whatever you learn in the driving classes, you will be able to do a very good job in passing the first time driving as well. The tests are usually theory and practical. Theory should be enough of an easy task if you have already practiced enough on the practical part of driving – in understanding when to press what control and what NOT to do when you are bestowed upon some bizarre circumstances.
It is not tough to pass the driving test, provided you have enough of capabilities in practicing and even learning. As we mentioned above, you will need about 40+ hours of understanding and learning the functioning of a car and driving it in different terrains and environments. You will also need a couple of hours of heavy practicing to understand if you have enough confidence in driving the test. When all of this is done, the driving instructor will frankly let you know of how prepared you are for a driving test at VicRoads and then you are good to go.
Ideally, yes. You should practice driving almost daily to not lose touch over what you already learnt in the previous classes. If you procrastinate or not take this seriously, there is a huge chance that you would have to start everything afresh. So to make sure that you are in touch with the driving lesson and practice, you can give some time towards refreshing your memory and past lessons that already are done with. It is not mandatory as there are many people who passed the tests without having to attend classes on a daily basis / practice daily. But it is only advised to do this way around.
You cannot practically learn to drive without a car. You can only understand in theory how a car functions and what the controls are. You can also read about the function of each of these controls, but there would be little to no use of this if you wouldn’t practice in on a real car and see how well you can use your theory knowledge to practically driving a car. Car driving also involves different roads, terrains and situations. You would obviously want to understand how well your reflexes function when the real car takes in on a real challenge.
You can read the manuals again and again to make sure you do not forget the terminologies and controls that are of crucial importance to any driver. What will also strengthen your core expertise in the theory test is using these terminologies and theory in practical driving. Whenever you practice driving, make sure you are also refreshing the theory part of the learning as well.
There is no definitive answer to what would be the best way to learn to drive. But when it comes to the ideal situation, here are some ways which could help you understand driving better: - Make sure you are theoretically apt in understanding your car and the functions as well. - Be comfortable in the car you chose / your own car that you would be driving - Correct your seating position which works best for your reflexes and coordination - Avoid any distractions in the first few weeks of learning the car - Remember to turn-off whichever sign you switch on - Remember to rehearse your theory as you practice practically as well, make it holistic.
To begin practicing a car, you can choose an empty road or an open ground. Take help of an instructor as well as they would be the best judge of which terrain to start practicing your driving with. - You can start with empty places, taking circles and turns where you feel you don’t have enough control. Master the straight roads first, then turns and circles. - Understand how your coordination is functioning currently and try to master that as well - After empty places, take to mild traffic oriented roads. Take help of instructor here as well. Do not venture far into heavy traffic as this will only disrupt traffic should you get confused or panic. - The last level would be normal busy days amid traffic. Take this step only after you are very comfortable and confident in your driving.

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