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Our Driving School Promise: You will become safe driver & Pass your Driving Test in Melbourne with our driving lessons

Our Driving School Melbourne Prices Calculator

Below you will find our three most popular packages

60 MIN Lesson
BASIC PACKAGE Automatic Car Prices/packages
  • 1 60 min Lesson $50 – PrePaid
  • 1 60 min Lesson $55 – Postpaid
  • Drive Test only – $140
60MIN Lesson
UPGRADE PACKAGE Manual Driving Lessons
  • 1 60 min Lesson $60 – Prepaid
  • 1 60 min Lesson $65 – Postpaid
  • Drive Test only $150

Why Choose Us?

We understand that learning to drive isn’t cheap, many driving schools will take advantage of this and charge you a larger sum than necessary; not us.

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Intensive Test route Practice
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Ex Test Officers
Well Experienced On Road Rules
Multilingual & Highly Educated
Knowing Test Routes Better Than Anyone Else


Automatic or Manual Transmission
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We Come To You
We Cover Most Southeastern Suburbs
Pickups From Home or VicRoads


We Come To You
We Cover Most Southeastern Suburbs
Pickups From Home or VicRoads


We Teach Everything You Need To Know
Emergency Situations
Avoid Accidents & Driving Safely

A driving school in Sunbury area you can always depend upon

Pick up from home or reaching Sunbury VIC Roads Office

Vic road Sunbury

7/36 Macedon St, Sunbury VIC 3429

You decide based on your circumstances, whether you want to start the lesson from your place or from near VicRoads (address: 7/36 Macedon St, Sunbury VIC 3429, Mel-way Street Directory reference 381 F4). You can get there by Bus 479, drive there (enter to the car park from Harvester road) or with the help of PTV journey planner. Our instructor can also pickup you from Sunbury train station!

driving school melbourne
Driving test conducted at VicRoads Sunbury

Get lessons on Sunbury VicRoads unusual entry and exit as it’s located behind the “Hume city council” building.Learn how to drive on the rail-crossing in-between the roundabouts on Macedon St between Evan St and Horne Street!Learn how to rev-up and maintain the speed on down-hill as Sunbury driving route has all of it, which we can teach you!Driving test routes of Vicroads Sunbury are neither very hard nor very easy to most learner drivers!Bike lanes are very wide which is great for the cyclist but please try not to mix-up with your lane with there is a dedicated bike lane!.There are a lot of permanent 40km/h speed zones there so watch out for them and keep-an-eye out for your speedometer frequently!

–    Don’t panic! Learn from professionals; learn from the best! And, we are the best!!

A driving school in Sunbury where you can blindly trust

When after the classes you went out on your own you may feel restless at the time but with time you will become habitual of the fact no one will be with you all the time. The most important point taught at our driving school is to be confident. A driver won’t be able to do much if he is not confident and that’s where all the skills fail.  Come and explore the joy of learning with us.

Driving Lessons for Everyone in Melbourne

driving lessons Melbourne
Our DRIVING LESSONS SUNBURY are divided into 3 stages

In the first stage, you are being taught how to drive.Second stage deals with tricks to clear the driving test in the first attempt.In the third stage, we make sure you become enough confident while driving.Some things are meant to be done by you no one can incorporate confidence within you. So, here we are including some tips to become confident while driving.

1 practice – the more you practice the more you master this skill.

2 during sessions – take as much as possible sessions during learning. It may charge you more but the skills taught by our DRIVING INSTRUCTOR SUNBURY won’t be found somewhere else.

3 parking – individuals during their practice sessions fear of banging the car and thus take help of others to perform this task. Others may perform this task but this would make you habitual of taking help. Do it on your own for learning to start, stopping and steering your car while parking.

4 practice on busy roads and highways – there are different techniques to drive on a highway than Normal roads. Practicing in all types of terrains makes you more confident.

5 driving all vehicles – we usually get comfortable in our vehicles and don’t go for options. Driving several types of vehicles teaches us how to handle them which is much needed to boost our confidence.The lessons are of various types and the choice is all yours but for suggestions, we are always there. Types of course are –

  • 45- minute lesson voucher
  • 60- minute lesson vouchers
  • Five lesson voucher (45 minutes)
  • Five lesson voucher (60 minutes)

For further information about these courses contact our DRIVING SCHOOL SUNBURY. We would love to help you.The target of our courses and each session is to help you pass the probationary driver test.It takes guts to drive the vehicles on the busy roads but our DRIVING INSTRUCTOR SUNBURY is there to support you even in adverse situations. Our aim is to make you skilled by making you drive on different roads, in different weather conditions and different vehicles.

Why choose us over other driving schools? Why are we the best?

Now, the answer arises that,

Because we care, yes we do really care about you. Do you know? How many people die each day due to car accidents?

We understand the value of your life and aim towards increasing it. Driving is a necessity nowadays but rash driving is not! Thus we make sure to produce safe drivers that are offensive and defensive both.

Our accredited DRIVING INSTRUCTOR SUNBURY is expert trainers offering individually tailored and crafted learning experience. We are the largest driving institution widely distributed among many cities with 100+ instructors. We are the “trust” of many people. The motor vehicles used for training are fully insured 5-star vehicles and are full of the latest technology and safety features. The instructors have professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

driving school
Advanced DRIVING LESSONS SUNBURY includes the excellence in the following conditions
  • Our DRIVING SCHOOL SUNBURY is dedicated to offering professional driving lessons in Sunbury. The main target is to produce skilled drivers that also showcase their survival skills in times of emergency. Visit our DRIVING SCHOOL FRANKSTON once for acknowledgement of the DRIVING LESSONS FRANKSTON we run. The idea is to develop driving skills in you that makes you able to survive on roads. Our instructors follow 3 approaches that are transparency, honesty and quality. Working with us would be amazing as you will be under constant monitoring for the daily report of progress. We look for the areas within you to find strengthens and weakness and design the sessions accordingly to make the lessons worth it.
  • In short, choosing us would be the best decision you could ever make.
The target of our courses and each session is to help you pass the probationary driver test.

Mission – mission is to deliver better, safe, confident and effective drivers.

Vision – Why wait for the perfect time? Sometimes late is never. So, start your journey today only with our DRIVING LESSONS SUNBURY.

How are We Different?

driving school Melbourne
What’s unique? The features you can’t even imagine in other driving schools like

The price range of our DRIVING SCHOOL SUNBURY varies greatly according to the type, of course, you go for and the additional inclusive packages you opt for. Our comprehensive DRIVING LESSONS SUNBURY  trains you behind the wheels for safe and responsible driving.rates – we offer so much but charge only a little as in comparison to others. Why? Because we value you’re hard earned money. We work on the simple policy of honesty and integrity. The fee is just for the services offered not for our greed. We don’t even charge a single penny extra.schedules of classes – we are highly recommended by our clients because of this facility. Other institutes adjust you according to their time-table whereas we adjust our time-table according to you. The timings of the classes are fully flexible solely according to your schedule.The classes can also be postponed on prior notice.

qualities – we highly emphasize this feature. Our DRIVING SCHOOL SUNBURY, focus on offering quality sessions for producing a professional driver that display traits incorporated by us on the roads.

Process of our Driving Lessons

We constantly aim towards improving our services and help to excel in these driving skills for future reference.

Our DRIVING LESSONS SUNBURY ensures you don’t lose anything and only gain skills. Our DRIVING SCHOOL SUNBURY is the place which can lead you to different destinations.

driving school process

Meet our driving school Melbourne students


Congratulations on passing your drive test at VicRoads Pakenham on the first attempt with Transformers Driving School Pakenham


Congratulations on passing your drive test at VicRoads Frankston on the first attempt at Transformers Driving School in Frankston


Congratulations on passing your drive test at VicRoads Frankston on the first attempt with Transformers Driving School in Frankston


Amazing drive, confident and ready to get that license in a very short time.
Bug congratulations to Nicole for passing her drive test at VicRoads Warragul with Transformers Driving School Melbourne. 
Well done and drive safely.


What an amazing drive by scoring 100%. Big congratulations to Elise for passing her drive test at #vicroads #Dandenong with Transformers Driving School in Dandenong. We teach train and test you before you go for your drive test. Best driving school in Melbourne.


Woohoo, another success story to be told. Big congratulations to Callum for the amazing drive and passing his drive test with confidence at Mooroolbark VicRoads with Transformers Driving School in Mooroolbark, Melbourne.
Well done and drive safely.

Meet our Manual and Automatic driving instructors in Melbourne

driving-instructor-2 (1)
Driving Instructor and Owner of Driving School Melbourne

I am Sol have been a driving instructor for 6 years, he has completed masters degree in Law & Economics. His area of work in complete Melbourne area concentrating on Frankston, Dandenong, Mooroolbark,  Cranbourne, Mornington, Dromana and Pakenham areas.

Driving Instructor Melbourne, Frankston, Pakenham, Dandenong, Cranbourne and surrounding suburbs

Most believe that drive test is really hard, I will make that easy for you. Your Success, Our Pride, Students Who Successfully Passed Their Drive Test With Transformers Driving School in Melbourne

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