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How long do you have to go to driving school?

The driving schools usually operate on the leisure of the ones who come to learn. It depends on a lot of factors as to how long you should probably be attending the driving school for. Driving school Melbourne usually starts up a 21 day teaching as the bare minimum requirement. Here you are taught on how to start the vehicle, to how to avoid accidents by keeping the basic judgment intact. There are many things that people are taught and it takes a lot of time as well. But here are things that usually judge how long you should be attending the driving school for-

Consider a month to be the minimum time period which you will need nevertheless to have hand on the vehicle. Now, you can take the example of a person who already knew how the cars work and was here to only brush up his driving skills. For that person only a month is all that it took. But there was another man who knew nothing about the manual driving lessons Melbourne and took a couple weeks more than the month already that is compulsory.

driving lessons Melbourne

Your age group and how well you are with grasping things. Understanding that driving lessons Melbourne usually depend up on the way you are catching up with the lessons.

You actually are driving a real car on the streets and one mistake can cost a lot to others lives as well.

Keeping all this in mind, it is important that the person does not make any hasty decisions in the driving lessons.

Be patient with what is being taught and when the right time comes by when you think you are master enough, you can hit the roads with the license.

You can stay a minimum of about 1 month to 21 days in any manual driving school Melbourne.

Our Driving School Melbourne Prices Calculator

Below you will find our three most popular packages

60 MIN Lesson
BASIC PACKAGE Automatic Car Prices/packages
  • 1 60 min Lesson $50 – PrePaid
  • 1 60 min Lesson $55 – Postpaid
  • Drive Test only – $140
60MIN Lesson
UPGRADE PACKAGE Manual Driving Lessons
  • 1 60 min Lesson $60 – Prepaid
  • 1 60 min Lesson $65 – Postpaid
  • Drive Test only $150
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