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Terms and conditions

Common t’s and c’s that apply at Transformers Driving School in addition to the conditions on our pricing page!


48 Hours Cancellation Notice is required for drive test Bookings or Full fees Applies to all cancellations. 

24 cancellation notice required for Driving Lessons. 

 Normal Prices: 8 AM to 5 PM.

Weekend, Public Holidays and After hours rate: 15% extra loading applies to lessons and tests.


You must carry your Victorian learner permit card or appropriate licence, documents required by the law every time you go for the driving lesson. Please make sure to take all personal belongings with you after the lesson/ test. We do not take responsibility for any lost property or damages.

To change/cancel your booking, 24 hours’ notice is required directly to your instructor (via mobile). Instructors are mostly on time; please allow an extra hour in case instructor held up in traffic. Cancelling on the spot still requires you to pay for the lesson in full. You cannot change/ cancel a booking on the spot for any reason. For example change of mind, change of driver, late, change start/finish point, auto/ manual within a package, didn’t like instructor/ car too small/ big, couldn’t find learner permit/ licence, forgot vision glasses, something else comes up urgently or any other excuses; full fees are payable for that booking.

If, for any reason, VicRoads declines your request to undergo a test on the spot, full payment is still required and must be paid to your Instructor (unless the reason for VicRoads declining your test is due to the instructor’s car)! This matter is completely between learner/ driver and VicRoads; we don’t take any responsibility in this matter as it’s beyond our control. So, please double check with VicRoads about all their requirements directly prior to the day of drive test.An unofficial guide on what to bring on the day of the test: Learner permit card, Logbook if you are under 21 with declaration signed; don’t use red pen/pencil. Vision glasses/doctor’s letter/court order etc. Check that the test date/time/location details are correct (including HPT validity), and be sure to arrive early or on time for your test. Unused/ early finished test time can’t be used for lessons/ other purposes due to OH&S policy!

Overseas licensees: Overseas licence holders can have a VicRoads acceptance letter ready to present to VicRoads on the day of drive test along with all the required documents, even if they have shown them to VicRoads prior. Passport, Visa, proof of address, credit/debit card, overseas licence (not permit), verification, English translation & amendment if detail doesn’t match exactly between your documents.* 45 minutes lesson/ packages (1 lesson/ week) are for Victorian learner permits holders (including overseas licensees who have passed the learner permit knowledge test), Monday to Friay, between 9am-5pm (excluding public holidays). If you live in the Melbourne CBD/ nearby busy area then you must meet at our pickup point near Melbourne city baths (corner Franklin st & Swanston st) or VicRoads Carlton; otherwise book 60/90 minute lessons and we will be happy to try to pick you from anywhere!

Prices are fixed; all payments (in full) must be cleared at the start of the lesson/ test (lay-buys are not accepted). Please bring cash with change/ withdraw cash from ATM beforehand/ in the middle of lesson & don’t forget to keep your receipt. The instructor reserves the right to change the price if the circumstances change! Our packages are not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion like $35 online booking 1st lesson /1 referral (1 week waiting) on test day! 1 Free retest guarantee package to the same VicRoads excluding VicRoads fees/ pickup/ drop-off. ^Must book test as per instructor’s availability.Our prices do not include VicRoads fees and are subject to change without notice. All packages are nonrefundable. If you are not 100% satisfied with the instructor/ car, just pay for that lesson at a pay-as-you-go rate directly to the instructor instead of paying for the package.For packages, you need to be available for 1 full day or 2 half days for each lesson each week. All packages expire within 3 months from the date of the 1st lesson (non refundable if not used before expiry date & not transferrable).Driving into the City/ freeway/ own car not during peak hour traffic (which is on Monday to Friday between 7.30-9.30am, and between 4-7pm) (We do not drive on the freeway during the first lesson and this is subject to the instructor’s discretion, even after your first lesson). To book to use a car for your test (without any lessons prior) costs $140, and you must meet your instructor at and finish at VicRoads.

Maximum 3 hours lesson together/ day, time start at the time of booking. Mobile phones must be switched off or on airplane mode, no audio/video recording is permitted, zero BAC is required, no general conversation to avoid unnecessary distraction to you. We don’t take responsibility for belongings left in the car. All lessons are conducted on public roads and not in private property e.g. own garage. The drive instructor’s car must be used for all lessons and for the drive test. 1 person over the age of 16 may join in the car for 1 lesson subject to instructor’s approval, those under 16 are not allowed.Information provided on our website, via telephone, sms, emails are general purpose only and were constructed without considering your personal circumstances. Please consult with your instructor once you meet for the 1st lesson to clarify any details specifically pertaining to you.Once you have decided which VicRoads you want to go for your drive test and you have started your lessons with the instructor who is specialised for that VicRoads, you may not change the VicRoads within that package.

Test day pickup/drop off depends on distance, instructor’s availability and may cost extra or may not be available for your area. If you need pickup on the drive test day and you become late for VicRoads appointment due to busy traffic condition or any other reason which is beyond our control, we are not responsible for that! In addition to that, during any service from us if anything happen which is beyond our control for example natural cause, etc., we do not take any responsibility for that and full payment required to the instructor!By law, all traffic offence and fines apply to the person behind the wheel. That means, learner driver is responsible to pay any fines. In case of a collision, learner driver require to pay any excess amount as required determined by the insurance provider. We have to mention these matters by law. However, since 2008 (we started the business), there was not a single case when there was an accident, traffic fine, any payment made my learner driver for damages as we have been fortunate that such an incident has never occurred.

Instructors are independent contractors, not an employee of “Transformers driving school”, licenced and regulated by the relevant Government Authority (TSC). Any misunderstandings that occur during the lesson is completely between the learner driver and the instructor. The school will try to solve any issues when you make a written complaint to us via our website but take no responsibility for any actions of the instructor. If we cannot solve the issue within 28 days, you will be required to contact the TSC to further resolve any matters between you and an instructor.Even though you might request for us to contact you in a certain way, time, method, we might not be able to follow these instructions. For example, if you request for us to contact you via email and we have not received a reply from you, we may give you a follow-up courtesy call.Information on our website including all external links is for informational purposes only; being provided as a convenience and they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by us. We have not taken into consideration your personal situation or any other circumstances, and therefore we take no responsibility or legal liability of the accuracy, legality or for your any actions based on the information on our website or on the external links! Transformers driving school reserves the right to change/ amend any terms and conditions at any time without further notice. Please clarify any matters directly with your instructor once you meet him/ her for the lesson.Visiting our website, contacting us by calling/ texting/ emailing, via our website, you are agreeing the above terms and conditions as well as any other terms and conditions on our website

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